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Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Amenities Working Group

Kirk Ireton Conservation Area Appraisal
The Derbyshire Dales Conservation Department review of Kirk Ireton:

Derbyshire Dales District Council KI Conservation Area

 Rural Place Profile

Derbyshire Dales District Council KI Settlement Boundary

Derbyshire Dales District Council Landscape Sensitivity Study

Derbyshire Dales Settlement Hierarchy October 2015

Local Plan Advisory Committee Meeting 18 Jan 2016
Sets out a plan (Appendix 3) with an ‘Assessment Schedule’ (Appendix 3) for land the KI Neighbourhood Plan team believe was submitted in the recent, and also past, ‘Call for Sites’.


Overwhelming Support for a Village Plan

2015_0966_KI_Village_Hall_19_Feb2015_0981_KI_Village_Hall_19_FebOver seventy people packed the Village Hall on the evening of the 19th February to hear about a proposal  to set up a Steering Committee and Working Groups to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Kirk Ireton.
Jeremy Butt and Nick Delves introduced the meeting  to set the scene. Jo Dugdale from Rural Action Derbyshire then gave a presentation on what it means to have a plan and what is involved in producing it. Rural Action Derbyshire has a leading role in developing Community led Plans (also known as Parish Plans) in Derbyshire and supports communities throughout the process.
This was followed by the showing of an edited version of a Countryfile programme which highlighted problems local communities are having and could have in future in the absence of a local plan.
It was overwhelmingly agreed that the village should produce a Neighbourhood Plan and people were invited to put themselves forward for the Steering Group and the Working Groups.
More information on Neighbourhood Plans can be found on The Setting Up Group will meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th February to appoint officers for the Steering Group and progress things further.

2015_0934_KI_School_WorkPosters were on display at the meeting showing their vision for the future of the village. The shool headmaster Peter Johnston explained to the meeting how the project came about as part of the normal school curriculum.

A Neighbourhood Plan in the making


Sounds dull – but isn’t!

Come to a Public Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday February 19th. The doors open at 7.30pm and the meeting starts at 8.15pm.

A Neighbourhood Plan has been started and when you know what it is, YOU WILL WANT YOUR SAY. So read on……

Since the planning laws have been revised, broadly speaking any developer can buy any land and put up buildings as long as they comply with the current Derbyshire Dales local plan and the building regulations. That is, UNLESS we have a Neighbourhood Plan in place to say what WE want done in this area of land, inside the boundaries of the Parish of Kirk Ireton. This plan when made will have power in planning law.

Over the next 15 to 20 years there will be changes. We can’t say no to everything. However…

A Neighbourhood Plan is OUR CHANCE to shape the developments that we want and need to happen.

First we have to decide on what we want our community to look like in 20 years. We make a Vision Statement. It is vital that we all contribute our ideas and come to an agreement in broad terms about our future community.

Then we steer through a series of hoops; mapping, gathering evidence, creating a profile of the present community, matching our plan against present law, consulting widely and recording who has been consulted, drafting final proposals and submitting the final plan.

The Plan has to pass two formal tests: an independent inspection that checks the plan for legality, and a referendum of all the eligible voters in the parish.

The whole process will take about a year. Anyone who lives, works and/or runs businesses here is asked to offer skills and expertise to complete the task.

So far work has begun with a small setting-up group. This is just a starter group and is open to new members at any time. The setting-up group have been meeting over the autumn in the Village Hall, supported by Rural Action Derbyshire;

Here is their draft of a Vision Statement. Do you agree?

Neighbourhood Plan
A Vision statement for Kirk Ireton

Kirk Ireton is a place that has a caring and active community and which takes care of children, older people and is safe for everyone. A place that offers a suitable mix of dwellings and people to sustain a school, a pub, a shop, a church and a chapel.
It is a village that makes provision for people to work in the parish with good communications and is a place where future development considers both the landscape and villagers’ access to it.

Do you agree?


EVERYONE who lives and works in the village (or parish) is cordially invited to a meeting in the new year –

Public Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday February 19th. The doors open at 7.30pm and the meeting starts at 8.15pm.

to hear more about the plan and to help make it happen

Come along to the February Meeting to hear more and contribute ideas on the future look of Kirk Ireton Parish. Make sure you tell your neighbours and get them to come along too. Free glass of wine and nibbles to all (over 18s).

For more information, offers of help and news of the meeting,
Contact Nick Delves on 01335 370 038 or Jan Hall

KICA Planning & Committee Meeting – 29-04-13

The next Wakes planning meeting has been arranged for Monday 29th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.  Apologies for clashes with the choir, could choir members please find ways to stay in touch.  Please search through the attachments for information about who is doing what.  ‘Wakes plan’ is the general work and Wakes week, ‘Wakes day plan’ is specific to Wakes day.

At   At the meeting on the 15th we also selected new KICA officials:  Jeremy Butt – Chair,  Sarah Morrison – Treasurer, Irene Dougan  – Secretary.  We did this as a matter of urgency to create an official body to oversee Wakes and the discussions which still we need to be held.  We agreed the principle that the KICA committee is those who attend meetings.

After Wakes, the committee will have another look at the issues raised in the last public meeting, called by Glynn Parsons, to develop clearer idea about communications, tenure, mandate etc.

As newly selected Chair, Jeremy thanked the outgoing officials for their hard work during their period of office and encouraged everyone present to take part in, as well as help, with Wakes.

Attached are copies of the Wakes plan and Wakes day plan.

KICA Planning & Committee Meeting

There will be a KICA meeting in the village hall on Monday 15th April at 7.30pm to elect a new committee to run the village’s community association.  Here are the minutes/notes from the previous meeting held on Wednesday 27th March.

Apart from electing the committee the meeting will plan this year’s events which includes Wakes Week and establish a pool of volunteers/helpers to ‘make things happen’.

The meeting is open to all villagers, and is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion about past and future activities and events.  The three principle committee positions (Chair, Secretary & Treasurer) will be up for election; so if you feel you could undertake one of these positions, attend the meeting on Monday and put your name forward.  In addition KICA needs the support of the village to spread the load of organising and running future events.  The main issue raised at the previous meeting was that this had been left to the same small group of people to undertake and had become too much of a burden.  The plan is to operate like the village shop and spread the workload across a pool of volunteers/helpers organised by the new KICA committee.  So again if you feel you could contribute a few hours here and there come to the meeting and put your name forward as a KICA volunteer.

Unfortunately, due to business commitments I will not be at the meeting but I feel it is really important that the village’s voice is heard, so I hope you will be able to attend.

Best regards.

Kirk Ireton – Now with added Gnomes!

It has recently been brought to our attention that the village is being invaded by gnomes!

While a recent Gnome Patrol has reported an upsetting scene of a gnome massacre on the entry to the village from Hob Lane, the other colonies living on Bottom Lons, Moor Lane and Wirksworth Road all appear to be thriving.

If anybody has any further information, or more if any more are spotted please let us know!