6th & 7th May – NGS Garden Opening

Just a quick note to let you know of an email we received about an upcoming event in the village, and my apologies to Graham and Irene for the lateness of my posting this, but it was not possible during the update of the website.

Field Farm,  Kirk Ireton will open for the National Gardens Scheme on Thursday and Friday 6th and 7th May from 11-5pm Admission £3 adult, children free.
The 2-acre garden has stunning views and many rare trees and shrubs as well as some amusing sculptures.
NGS supports caring and nursing charities including Marie Curie, Macmillan, Help the Hospices and Crossroads.
Tea and homemade cake are available, and there is parking in our field.
Graham and Irene Dougan

If anyone knows of any village (or surrounding area) events that are not currently on this website, please let us know on webmaster@kirkireton.com

The Derbyshire Quiz Book

Many of you may be interested in the new quiz book which has just been released by Country Books. Compiled by Dick Richardson over a three month period it features 92 pages, and 700 questions on all things Derbyshire.

Mr. Richardson had the following to say about the book:

The books covers all areas of the county – from the north to the south – and no doubt there will be people challenging some of the questions.
I put the book together because quizzes seem to be eternally popular, especially with pubs.
It is always interesting to see how little people know of their own country, which led me to wonder how much local people know about Derbyshire.

Derbyshire topics covered by the book include sport, people, places, history and curiousities. Including such people as DH Lawrence, Sir Joseph Paxton, Sir Alan Bates, and Robert Bakewell amongst others. Featured places include Long Eaton, Shirley, Fenny Bentley, Snelston, Darley Abbey and our very own Kirk Ireton.

If you are interested in quiz’s and interested in Derbyshire this may be just your thing, it is available in all good bookshops now, or direct from Dick Richardson on 01629 640670 or by email at dickrichardson@country-books.co.uk

It is also available on Amazon here.

Paperback: 92 pages
Publisher: Country Books (17 April 2010)
ISBN-10: 1906789290
ISBN-13: 978-1906789299

Police Warning: Six dead buzzards discovered in the area

Police have issued the following warning after the discovery of six dead buzzards in the Kirk Ireton area, please keep an eye out for any dead birds (either buzzards or pheasants which could be used as poisoned bait), and report them to the number given below.

Also be careful if you are out with a dog in the area as they may also eat the poisoned birds.

Police warning:

Police have launched an investigation after six Buzzards were found dead.

Officers suspect the birds were poisoned and are working with the RSPB and Natural England as part of the investigation.

On April 7, a farmer found four dead Buzzards on land north of Kirk Ireton village. They were next to remains of a Pheasant, believed to have been poisoned bait.

Officers recovered the birds and sent them to Natural England for tests.

Police are investigating whether the incident is link to the discovery of two dead Buzzards in Jebbs Lane, Idridgehay on February 22 2010. These were sent for analysis and found to have been poisoned.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0345 123 3333 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The police article is available here.

ADDITION 3:20pm:

This has now been featured on BBC news – read more here.

Update: Update on the dead buzzards warning

Welcome to the new Kirk Ireton Website

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Games Area re-opened

The games area has been repaired and the patch will be repainted as soon as possible (weather, etc. permitting).
It has been suggested (by several villagers and the police) that the area should be kept locked so you’d have to find someone to sign you out the key if you wanted to use it. The Village Field Working Group want to avoid this if they can, so we are relying on everyone to take care of the facility.

Once again, please take care not to overtighten the net!
There is a measuring rod at the side of the court if you want to get the net just right (you might need to adjust the centre band bottle screw as well).
Please remember to loosen the net after use.

Become a Friend of the Village Field

It is only £10 from now until 31st March 2010 and you are providing valuable support for the field and the ongoing maintenance and improvements.  Members are allowed to book the field at a cost of £1 for 30 minutes but when you join you are given two free booking stickers worth an hour!

Please see Mike Harwood or Jo Rees


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Ultimately it would be great if it could be used by most people in the village to share information/advertise events.