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Please note that kirkireton.com will be redesigned shortly, if there is anything you would like to see included, if you would like to help out writing for the site, or if you have any photos of the village you would like to share, please email webmaster@kirkireton.com – Thanks

Games Area re-opened

The games area has been repaired and the patch will be repainted as soon as possible (weather, etc. permitting).
It has been suggested (by several villagers and the police) that the area should be kept locked so you’d have to find someone to sign you out the key if you wanted to use it. The Village Field Working Group want to avoid this if they can, so we are relying on everyone to take care of the facility.

Once again, please take care not to overtighten the net!
There is a measuring rod at the side of the court if you want to get the net just right (you might need to adjust the centre band bottle screw as well).
Please remember to loosen the net after use.

Become a Friend of the Village Field

It is only £10 from now until 31st March 2010 and you are providing valuable support for the field and the ongoing maintenance and improvements.  Members are allowed to book the field at a cost of £1 for 30 minutes but when you join you are given two free booking stickers worth an hour!

Please see Mike Harwood or Jo Rees


This site is in its early stages but already there is a link to the village diary and other information.  It needs more content and if you can think of anything you would like to add please email it to webmaster@kirkireton.com

Ultimately it would be great if it could be used by most people in the village to share information/advertise events.

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