Macmillan mug donation


Thanks to Lisa Bridge at Birchover giving the shop free mugs we were able to collect £11 in donations from the happy recipients of the mugs!

Thanks to you all. I will take the money into the Macmillan Unit.

Living in Kirk Ireton by Emily Heron – September Diary

Living in the village has its ups and its downs. There is lots of space to play and everybody knows each other. However, as the village is so small, it does mean you can only meet a few people, and you all have to try and get along.

Being surrounded by fields is great. There are so many places to go to, which are perfect for playing Man Hunt and building dens. I have really enjoyed going to Kirk Ireton Primary School, it takes me less than two minutes to walk to school. All the teachers live in the Village, the downside of this is that school NEVER closes even when there is 3 feet of snow and every other school in Derbyshire is closed!

Winters are fun, loads of kids go sledging. Last year a group of people were chased by cows. When summer comes, lots of people play at the park, or on the Village Field which is amazing, especially with the court. Sometimes during the summer holidays it does feel like there isn’t that much to do, and it can become boring.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised just how lucky I am to live in Kirk Ireton. During the riots in London, many children were too scared to go to sleep at night and their homes and communities were attacked and set on fire. In Kirk Ireton the older children look out for the younger children and people help each other. There is lots of community spirit.

Kirk Ireton is a safe and happy place to live and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

An Editor’s Apology – September Diary

I think everybody spotted my faux par last month of incorrectly stating the winner of the Jean Mayfield Cup and Saucer short story competition, which of course was won by Christopher Martlew’s brilliant story. I have no excuse as I was there on the night.

Because I was so impressed with the writing ability of the young entrants I asked Emily Heron to write a short piece for the News Letter: Living in Kirk Ireton.

I have had lots of suggestions about how the News Letter should be developed, but not wanting to dilute it’s purpose of supplying important village related information, I propose to try some of these ideas out on a separate sheet called KI+. To save printing costs the KI+ sheet will only be distributed by e-mail and (mostly) online. Have a read of it and let me know what you think.


At Wirksworth Festival this year, the Mercian Scribes will be exhibiting work on the theme ‘Letters, Words and Language’ in the Library. There will be approx.

20 pieces with many having part or all in another language, for the 3 weeks Friday 9th September – 30th September. The Library will be open in normal Library hours. We have exhibited for the 2 previous years, and this year we are going to display a piece of calligraphic work in
the shape of a large decorated pig, for the first 2 days of the Festival, 9th/10th September.

This year the organisers of the Lichfield Festival asked local artists, schools, shops to each decorate a pig – and Peter Halliday, our tutor, was asked to do one for the Cathedral. As St Chad’s Gospel is in Lichfield Cathedral, Peter decorated Pearl Margarita with Celtic decorations – the main one is the six-section St Chad’s Cross.

The Latin quotation says ‘neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos’; ‘Do not cast your pearls before swine’. The pigs were all auctioned off and Pearl Margarita raised £1,300 with the new owner kindly lending her to us.

If anyone would like to be a ‘pigsitter’ for an hour, in the Library, please contact me: 4 Ireton Court, tel. 370459.

Village Rounders – September Diary

The first Village Rounders & Picnic event was judged a success by all those that attended. A common theme of the comments received was – “it is really good to have an event that allows both children and adults to get involved”.

After about 90 minutes of Rounders we all relaxed with our picnics, snacks and drinks and shared stories of summer camping expeditions and other local events both past and future. So if you couldn’t get to this years event then look out for the 2012 gathering as it is really worth jotting that date in your diaries. If anybody took pictures of the event please forward them to our new Photo Editor.

The next family event with picnic will be on the 11th September (Grandparents day apparently!) on the village field. I hope to see you all around 2pm for Petanque. French dress is optional but French wine and bread are mandatory!

Voyezvous, là Votre Ami.

Garden Party – September Diary

The Garden Party at the Beehive originally arranged for July 17th was postponed due to the weather until September 4th. However, it is now apparent that very few of the people who usually help to operate the event are able to be present.

So reluctantly the event is now being cancelled. September 4th is now certain to be a lovely sunny day.

Shop News – September Diary

Thanks and congratulations to Ashley Spendlove as he leaves us on Sept 18 to take his place at University. He has been a very reliable, steadfast and cheerful Sunday shop worker and filler-in at other times. Thanks and congratulations too to George Tyler who has helped us in the shop
here and there and now moves on to University. We will miss you both!

Darcie Collington and Jess Bevan-Beirne will take over the Sunday shift between them so two new smiling faces to greet you as they start regular work in the shop.

We need more help – we want to build up our volunteer group more to cope with the many demands of the shop. We are asking for two hours a fortnight which can be in the mornings (11-1) or in the afternoons (3-5) or even the 5.30-6.30 shift on a Friday.

Jen (sister of current volunteer Lucy) is starting this month and Maurice (recently moved into Rose Cottage) in Sept.
Thanks so much to them. Can you help too?! Please see Nikki in the shop (8.30-11) weekdays.