Kirk Ireton Diary – August 2011

The Stable Shop

Summer Opening Hours
Mon           8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Tues         8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Wed          8.30am-1pm         Closed
Thur          8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Fri             8.30am-1pm         3pm-6.30pm
Sat            8.30am-1pm         2pm-5.30pm
Sun & PH  8.30am-10.30am

Fresh bread  from The Bakehouse, Wirksworth
Pies, pasties etc from Maycock’s, Holloway
Fresh fruit and veg from Jackson’s and Palins
Local milk, cheese, yoghurt from Peak Dairy and Spondon Cheesery
Fresh meat, ham, sausages etc from Pig’s Tale
Delicious local Ice cream from Bluebells and Peak District Dairy

We stock some fresh goods, but to ensure we have what you want when you want it, we are always happy to take your order in advance on 01335 371863 Vegetable boxes to order, min value £5.
Also on sale: newspapers, magazines, sweets; a wide range of grocery and household products Extra useful services – Cashback /Credit Card / Spondon Dry Cleaning /Stamps.  If there is something you would like us to stock, please let us know.

Nikki Bierne  – Stable Shop Manager 01335 371863

Kate Varley is leaving us!

I am sure that everyone in the village, especially those associated with the school, will miss Kate when she leaves the village this week to enjoy her retirement.  Many people have asked us to say to Kate that her 20 years as a teacher at our school has been greatly appreciated.  We wish you all the best in your new surroundings, Kate.

Thanks everybody!

I would like to thank everybody in village and school for the super cards and gifts I have received.  I’ve had a lovely time living and teaching in Kirk Ireton.

Love to you all, Kate.

End of Saturday Waste Collection

The Saturday morning community waste collection service to Kirk Ireton is ending this month, with the final collection being on August 20th.  The reason for the service ending is given in the following DDDC statement; apparently it’s something we’ve all been asked for!

I would like to thank everybody in village and school for the super cards and gifts I have received.  I’ve had a lovely time living and teaching in Kirk Ireton.

The Saturday morning community waste collection service ends this summer.  The last collections will be made on Saturday 27 August.  This Saturday service is being withdrawn after you told us during consultations that you wanted to see more waste recycled  and because the Derbyshire Dales now has a brand new household waste recycling centre at Harrison Way, Northwood, Darley Dale (DE4 2LF) in addition to similar centres serving the Dales at:
    * Mayfield Road, Ashbourne (DE6 2BJ)
    * Stonegravels, Chesterfield (S41 7LF)
    * Waterswallows, Buxton (SK17 7BJ)

Bulky items of waste can be taken to these centres which are open 7 days a week from 0830 – 1800 (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) or you can use the bulky waste collection service for a small charge.
On average 60% of the waste delivered to these centres is recycled, whereas all the waste from the Saturday lorry collections goes to landfill.
The District Council also supports recycling opportunities created by organisations such as Freecycle, a non-profit movement that helps to keep unwanted good items out of landfills. Please contact us if you require further information at:

Please Pick Up!

There is nothing more annoying than having to clear dog poo from your front lawn before you can cut your grass, or having your children walk it through the house on their shoes.  Several villagers have asked us to point out that there are dog waste disposal facilities around the village – Please use them!!

New Diary Layout

This month we are trying out a new diary format in an attempt to simplify its production and reduce the volume of hard copy printing.  Any feedback would be appreciated, also let us have your ideas as to what you would like the Diary to contain in the future. Send comments to

Photo Editor Required

If you use the internet you have probably visited our village website  Thanks to Glyn Harris the site is growing steadily to provide more services and items of interest.  Following Wakes Week, Glyn has added an album section allowing photos taken at village events to be posted and viewed.

KICA is looking for a volunteer to act as photo editor

To make sure that only the best pictures are posted on the website KICA is looking for a volunteer to act as photo editor.  If you have an eye for what makes a good and interesting picture, maybe this is a job for you.  Anybody who is interested and wants to know more e-mail

There are lots of ideas as to how the website can be made more interesting and relevant to the village.  Suggestions such as a heating oil price page have been made, where individuals post where they got their heating oil from and the price paid.  This could be used for us all to see where the best heating oil deals are when we need to fill up our tanks.  Again if you have any good ideas for the website e-mail

Village Field

Picnic & Rounders

On Sunday 14th August at 2.30pm KICA is organising a Rounders competition on the Village field.  Just turn up with your picnic, join a team and play.

Come and play TENNIS!

Open session every Tuesday on the Village court starting 7th June at 7.00pm – ’till we’ve had enough’.  All very welcome whether beginner or expert.  Bring racquet and balls.

For info contact:
Claire Torkington 01335 372088

Cancer Research funds raised at Wakes

I wanted to thank the village for their support at Rosie and my stall this year. Another fabulously kind year of support – we raised £430.38 for Cancer Research UK which is marvellous and we thank all the villagers who come back again and again (and let their children do so also!)

Thanks to all of you!  Bridget.


Thank you so much to all those who contributed to the beautiful flowers and gift I received at the end of term. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20 years as a Governor atKirkIretonSchooland it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with three heads, all the staff and all the governors over the years.

I wish Peter and everyone at school a successful future and I am sure that all the children will continue to enjoy outstanding individual achievement and be happy at school.

Thought of the month.

It’s my first attempt at editing the Village diary and under Gill Lockett’s close scrutiny I have given it my best shot.  However, as its August there’s a bit of space left so I will fill it with this thought for you to ponder over.

A few weeks ago my wife and I went to stay with our son and his wife to look after our granddaughter while they went away for a break.  The following morning off I went to the bathroom to have a shower as usual.  Try as I did I couldn’t find any shower gel; in the shower cubical and on the vanity units my daughter-in-law seemed to have dozens of plastic containers that looked as though they ought to contain shower gel, but none of the descriptions seemed to fit.

Out of desperation, I started opening and examining the contents of all these containers in an attempt to find the most shower gel like product I could.  I eventually found a bottle which described itself as TRESemmé Colour Protection with advanced colour lock technology Shampoo.  Figuring that shampoo is fairly close to shower gel I used this and I have to admit that my grey hair has held its colour ever since.

My thought for the month is this; why does a woman need at least a dozen bottles of various products to take a shower, when a man needs only one – Shower Gel!

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