At Wirksworth Festival this year, the Mercian Scribes will be exhibiting work on the theme ‘Letters, Words and Language’ in the Library. There will be approx.

20 pieces with many having part or all in another language, for the 3 weeks Friday 9th September – 30th September. The Library will be open in normal Library hours. We have exhibited for the 2 previous years, and this year we are going to display a piece of calligraphic work in
the shape of a large decorated pig, for the first 2 days of the Festival, 9th/10th September.

This year the organisers of the Lichfield Festival asked local artists, schools, shops to each decorate a pig – and Peter Halliday, our tutor, was asked to do one for the Cathedral. As St Chad’s Gospel is in Lichfield Cathedral, Peter decorated Pearl Margarita with Celtic decorations – the main one is the six-section St Chad’s Cross.

The Latin quotation says ‘neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos’; ‘Do not cast your pearls before swine’. The pigs were all auctioned off and Pearl Margarita raised £1,300 with the new owner kindly lending her to us.

If anyone would like to be a ‘pigsitter’ for an hour, in the Library, please contact me: 4 Ireton Court, tel. 370459.

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