Living in Kirk Ireton by Emily Heron – September Diary

Living in the village has its ups and its downs. There is lots of space to play and everybody knows each other. However, as the village is so small, it does mean you can only meet a few people, and you all have to try and get along.

Being surrounded by fields is great. There are so many places to go to, which are perfect for playing Man Hunt and building dens. I have really enjoyed going to Kirk Ireton Primary School, it takes me less than two minutes to walk to school. All the teachers live in the Village, the downside of this is that school NEVER closes even when there is 3 feet of snow and every other school in Derbyshire is closed!

Winters are fun, loads of kids go sledging. Last year a group of people were chased by cows. When summer comes, lots of people play at the park, or on the Village Field which is amazing, especially with the court. Sometimes during the summer holidays it does feel like there isn’t that much to do, and it can become boring.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised just how lucky I am to live in Kirk Ireton. During the riots in London, many children were too scared to go to sleep at night and their homes and communities were attacked and set on fire. In Kirk Ireton the older children look out for the younger children and people help each other. There is lots of community spirit.

Kirk Ireton is a safe and happy place to live and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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