Village Rounders – September Diary

The first Village Rounders & Picnic event was judged a success by all those that attended. A common theme of the comments received was – “it is really good to have an event that allows both children and adults to get involved”.

After about 90 minutes of Rounders we all relaxed with our picnics, snacks and drinks and shared stories of summer camping expeditions and other local events both past and future. So if you couldn’t get to this years event then look out for the 2012 gathering as it is really worth jotting that date in your diaries. If anybody took pictures of the event please forward them to our new Photo Editor.

The next family event with picnic will be on the 11th September (Grandparents day apparently!) on the village field. I hope to see you all around 2pm for Petanque. French dress is optional but French wine and bread are mandatory!

Voyezvous, là Votre Ami.

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