The Book Group


The Book Group will meet in the Barley Mow at 8:30 on Wednesday 14 September to discuss Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell. Everyone is welcome to join.

Kirk Ireton Diary – August 2011

The Stable Shop

Summer Opening Hours
Mon           8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Tues         8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Wed          8.30am-1pm         Closed
Thur          8.30am-1pm         3pm-5.30pm
Fri             8.30am-1pm         3pm-6.30pm
Sat            8.30am-1pm         2pm-5.30pm
Sun & PH  8.30am-10.30am

Fresh bread  from The Bakehouse, Wirksworth
Pies, pasties etc from Maycock’s, Holloway
Fresh fruit and veg from Jackson’s and Palins
Local milk, cheese, yoghurt from Peak Dairy and Spondon Cheesery
Fresh meat, ham, sausages etc from Pig’s Tale
Delicious local Ice cream from Bluebells and Peak District Dairy

We stock some fresh goods, but to ensure we have what you want when you want it, we are always happy to take your order in advance on 01335 371863 Vegetable boxes to order, min value £5.
Also on sale: newspapers, magazines, sweets; a wide range of grocery and household products Extra useful services – Cashback /Credit Card / Spondon Dry Cleaning /Stamps.  If there is something you would like us to stock, please let us know.

Nikki Bierne  – Stable Shop Manager 01335 371863

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