Proposals To Reduce Road Gritting Service For Kirk Ireton This Winter

Dear Villagers,

I have been asked to make sure that everybody is aware of Derbyshire County Council’s (DCC) plans to reduce the road gritting service provided to Kirk Ireton.  At the present time the roads into our village are treated during the day and night and ‘pre-treated’ before bad weather hits. Gritting is then continued on a 24 hours a day basis.  The proposals are that this be reduced to gritting in the day only with the first run being completed by mid-morning.  Roads would be pre-treated before bad weather hits, only where possible, with higher priority routes taking precedence.

Gritting Routes are to be divided into three categories: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.  The service we receive at the present time is equivalent to the proposed Primary service, but the DCC want to downgrade Kirk Ireton to the Secondary service.

Personally, I feel that with such a steep hill on the primary access route to the village, the fact we have a school and the record of accidents on that hill in snowy conditions (including an overturned vehicle last year) should put us in the Primary category.

The DCC is currently carrying out an online Gritting Consultation which allows you to react to the proposals.  It is in two sections, the first is a series of option boxes which allow you to react to specific questions (personally I think the questions are very cleverly biased).  The second is a comments box which is probably the best route to describe our special needs (assuming anybody reads it).  Below is the link to the online Gritting Consultation page.


If you need help completing the questionnaire Call the DCC on 08 456 058 058 or 01629 533190.

Hopefully, if we all react we will retain our present service but I suspect we will all be buying crampons this year.


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