KI Diary & Newsletter Update

Here is the update for the diary which includes corrections and other items to be circulated.

Watch Found On Village Field.

Attached is a picture of a watch that we found on the village field.  If anyone recognises it please contact the school office (370351) where it can be collected.

Peter Johnston.

Missing Article.

Attached is the full article by John Tyler which should have gone out with the Newsletter.

Newsletter Correction.

In the article I put together for Debbie Kennedy re the proposed microwave mast; the reference to a height of 30 metres should have said 30 feet as several of you spotted.  But Peter Johnston’s full explanation should have correct any misapprehensions I may have caused.

Gritting Policy.

I was pleased to see that the new gritting policy Derbyshire have introduced was a complete success at the weekend.  The walk up the hill into the village on Saturday night worked off my Big Breakfast a treat.


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