KICA Planning & Committee Meeting

There will be a KICA meeting in the village hall on Monday 15th April at 7.30pm to elect a new committee to run the village’s community association.  Here are the minutes/notes from the previous meeting held on Wednesday 27th March.

Apart from electing the committee the meeting will plan this year’s events which includes Wakes Week and establish a pool of volunteers/helpers to ‘make things happen’.

The meeting is open to all villagers, and is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion about past and future activities and events.  The three principle committee positions (Chair, Secretary & Treasurer) will be up for election; so if you feel you could undertake one of these positions, attend the meeting on Monday and put your name forward.  In addition KICA needs the support of the village to spread the load of organising and running future events.  The main issue raised at the previous meeting was that this had been left to the same small group of people to undertake and had become too much of a burden.  The plan is to operate like the village shop and spread the workload across a pool of volunteers/helpers organised by the new KICA committee.  So again if you feel you could contribute a few hours here and there come to the meeting and put your name forward as a KICA volunteer.

Unfortunately, due to business commitments I will not be at the meeting but I feel it is really important that the village’s voice is heard, so I hope you will be able to attend.

Best regards.

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