KICA Public Meeting (27th March 2013) – Minutes

Kirk Ireton Community Association public meeting and what happens next…

Glyn called this meeting and was accompanied by Mac, Sue and Keith. Glyn opened the meeting saying it was about the future of KICA and explaining how the four of them had felt compelled to draw attention to the fact that too few people were involved in the association. All four intended to withdraw from the KICA committee. Continue reading

KICA Public Meeting – 27th March 2013 – URGENT

7.30 pm – Village Hall Wednesday 27th March

After the public notice to wind up Kirk Ireton Community Association (KICA), the committee have been contacted with suggestions by a number of villagers. The main theme is that something should be done to ensure that this, or some other body should continue the good works that so benefit village life.
As a result we have decided to arrange a public meeting where the outgoing committee can explain why they have taken this course of action whilst allowing other members of the community to share their views and to explore if there is any workable alternatives.
If you cannot attend this very important meeting that could have repercussions on other aspects of village life then please either send a friend or neighbour with you idea or suggestion.
As previously communicated KICA has already given a promise to financially support certain events and we would appreciate it if anyone could also be able to offer their support in making the future evenings a success.
The future events are:

  • The film night “’South Pacific” – 1st June (main sponsor Malcolm Race)
  • Village Ceilidh – 8th June (including the cost of the marquee).
  • Any expenses incurred by the newly formed Rattling Bog village ceilidh band
  • Pay for Belper Morris if they attend this or another event in June.
  • Pay for the Trinity Sunday brass band for 2013 (TBC after the meeting – 2nd June)

As a consequence there will no longer be an undertaking for any of the current KICA committee members to organise:

  • Wakes day 8th June
  • Wakes week events 1st – 8th June
  • Insurance for any events staged that week
  • Halloween evening
  • Firework event
  • Carols round the tree
  • Christmas Tree erection & decoration
  • Party in the Park & Family days on the field
  • Christmas quiz
  • Any themed community events previously used to raise funds for KICA

It is our intention that if there is no commitment from a new collective of village residents then we begin to wind up KICA and once all financial commitments have been met look to distribute the remaining funds so we can close the existing KICA bank accounts. Please direct any questions you may have to me at any of the places shown below.
Yours sincerely,
Glyn Parsons
KICA Chairman
Alport View, Home 371813, mobile 07561 306510 , work 07778 650360
Treasurer – Sue Bold
Secretary and Diary – Tony McLennan (AKA Mac)

Macmillan mug donation


Thanks to Lisa Bridge at Birchover giving the shop free mugs we were able to collect £11 in donations from the happy recipients of the mugs!

Thanks to you all. I will take the money into the Macmillan Unit.

Living in Kirk Ireton by Emily Heron – September Diary

Living in the village has its ups and its downs. There is lots of space to play and everybody knows each other. However, as the village is so small, it does mean you can only meet a few people, and you all have to try and get along.

Being surrounded by fields is great. There are so many places to go to, which are perfect for playing Man Hunt and building dens. I have really enjoyed going to Kirk Ireton Primary School, it takes me less than two minutes to walk to school. All the teachers live in the Village, the downside of this is that school NEVER closes even when there is 3 feet of snow and every other school in Derbyshire is closed!

Winters are fun, loads of kids go sledging. Last year a group of people were chased by cows. When summer comes, lots of people play at the park, or on the Village Field which is amazing, especially with the court. Sometimes during the summer holidays it does feel like there isn’t that much to do, and it can become boring.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised just how lucky I am to live in Kirk Ireton. During the riots in London, many children were too scared to go to sleep at night and their homes and communities were attacked and set on fire. In Kirk Ireton the older children look out for the younger children and people help each other. There is lots of community spirit.

Kirk Ireton is a safe and happy place to live and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


At Wirksworth Festival this year, the Mercian Scribes will be exhibiting work on the theme ‘Letters, Words and Language’ in the Library. There will be approx.

20 pieces with many having part or all in another language, for the 3 weeks Friday 9th September – 30th September. The Library will be open in normal Library hours. We have exhibited for the 2 previous years, and this year we are going to display a piece of calligraphic work in
the shape of a large decorated pig, for the first 2 days of the Festival, 9th/10th September.

This year the organisers of the Lichfield Festival asked local artists, schools, shops to each decorate a pig – and Peter Halliday, our tutor, was asked to do one for the Cathedral. As St Chad’s Gospel is in Lichfield Cathedral, Peter decorated Pearl Margarita with Celtic decorations – the main one is the six-section St Chad’s Cross.

The Latin quotation says ‘neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos’; ‘Do not cast your pearls before swine’. The pigs were all auctioned off and Pearl Margarita raised £1,300 with the new owner kindly lending her to us.

If anyone would like to be a ‘pigsitter’ for an hour, in the Library, please contact me: 4 Ireton Court, tel. 370459.