Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on the 6th May

The Kirk Ireton Neighbourhood Plan has reached its final stage, now it is time for our referendum. The village Hall is booked for the 6th May and voters of Kirk Ireton Parish will have the referendum for our Neighbourhood Plan sharing space in the polling booth with elections for the ‘Police and Crime Commissioner’ and the ‘County Council’.
If successful Kirk Ireton will join over one thousand other Neighbourhood Plans completed throughout the country. It has been a while coming as we started in 2014.
Our Neighbourhood Plan influences how our local authority Derbyshire Dales applies planning policy within the area of Kirk Ireton parish. It has been a long journey to get here.
During the early stages we had over forty members. We had many public meetings and open days, a village questionnaire, three research groups, a large committee and many drafts of the plan.
We drew from the Derbyshire Dales’ conservation appraisal of Kirk Ireton and studied many other long and detailed documents, time which many would argue could have been spent on better things!
The main thrust of policy within the plan seeks to protect views out and into the village while sympathetically encouraging modest development.
>>Link to Kirk Ireton Neighbourhood Plan<<
We strongly recommend you come blinking into the sunlight on 6th May and vote for our Plan, for a brighter and hopefully Covid-free future for Kirk Ireton.