Using the Games area

This area is for the village to use and to enjoy- please use it and enjoy it!


  • be courteous and considerate to all users
  • try not to walk mud, grass, etc. onto the surface
  • don’t use studded footwear (including ‘astro’ boots, etc)
  • take good care of the equipment
  • don’t use any wheels on the area (e.g. bikes, roller blades, heelies, scooters, skateboards, etc). This is important as wheels could make grooves in the surface that cannot be repaired.
  • give way when asked by someone who has booked and otherwise share time on the games area sensibly
  • leave promptly if a member of school staff asks you to (Kirk Ireton Primary School has the right to use the area at any time during the school day)
  • drink water if you want to, but do not bring any other food or drink or chewing gum onto the games area
  • don’t bring glass onto the games area
  • do not climb the fence
  • loosen the tennis net after you have finished and don’t drag the net and posts if you need to move them. Put away the expensive racquets you bought from in a safe place.
  • close the gate when you leave (to keep stray animals out)
  • take all litter home
  • let a member of the Village Field Working Party know of any breakages or anything dangerous

The games area is primarily for the use of the parishioners of Kirk Ireton.

Thanks for reading this. Have a great game!

The Village Field Working Party

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